Not All Fat People Are Slobs


Full Figured Fashion Week rolled through NYC this month and while I wasn’t able to attend as many events as I did last year, I did take part in a few, including the All White Boat Cruise around Manhattan.

When I got to the dock, I was greeted by a long line of curvy girls wearing white from head to toe.  All of the women on the cruise were beautiful and ranged in size from super tiny to extra large. To me, the best part was that every single person on the boat was dressed appropriately for their body. Some had mini dresses, some had maxi’s, some had pantsuits and EVERYONE had killer stilettos on. It was a plus size fashionista’s paradise!

So, why is it that whenever they talk about obesity in America, they use footage of people in cotton shorts, baggy t-shirts with their bellies jiggling as they hobble down the street?

That is not the image I have of fat people and I’m always curious to know where they find these slobby looking people to represent us because I don’t see them in real life… only on TV.

If anything, the overweight people I observe, try harder to look good and dress well because they know they have weight as an obstacle when it comes to aesthetics.

I wish the news networks would come to Full Figured Fashion Week or some of the BBW Parties in the city the next time then need footage of what Obesity in America looks like. Then we could give them footage of large men and women who still take care of themselves and understand how to dress appropriately for their bodies.

They could see that we don’t hobble down the streets, but we strut… with pride because we look fierce!

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  • Adrienne

    Amen sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HP

    Hmm this is interesting why I myself am plus size and dress well (though can’t afford designer stuff or anything like that) I would say on average in NYC I see more overweight people who would fit the typical “fat American” description than the one you’ve described. I also do see bigger people dressed appropriately but not all that often. Especially when it comes to women, they do not dress for their body type at all. Personally (and as I say this as my own personal preference) I don’t think MOST women, no matter what their size, should be caught dead wearing skinny jeans or tights. Unless you are thin and more importantly tall you look bigger than you really are. Even short girls who are a size two look stumpy and about 10 pounds heavier, yet they’re still popular and I can not for the life of me fathom why. So when I see plus size women wearing them I just shake my head wondering why some women think that they can wear every fashion trend.

    So yes, some people do dress for their body and dress well. But what I see when I go on the subway everyday is that the majority of people, but mostly men and women who are larger do not. Though I will admit some of the footage you see on TV is pretty crazy, like peopleofwalmart crazy.

  • Gee

    But it would be so hard to body shame if they showed the hot hot hottie chunsters. Also most “news” stories regarding obesity/ weight gain are about the terrible horrors of FAT so of course they need to find unflattering video stock footage. Actually what I find even more offensive is the perennial “Let’s take a vapid model, incase her in a fat suit then show how tragically awful it is to be fat”. First – with a nation that has an obesity epidemic these networks can’t find a stunning fat actress to test this theory, they have to employ a size zero brainless wonder to do their bidding? Then they dress this fat suit-ed chirpie in mom jeans, turtleneck sweater, supermarket sneakers, and a fanny pack and set her off to Madison Avenue to PROVE that fat people should be pitied because it is just so pathetic that not one sales girl will approach them. Yeah…. all this proves is that Madison Ave. stores that offerT shirts for $250 don’t care about messy slobs cause BELIEVE me I have never been ignored at a swanky retailer with my luscious body and my Amex… this “experiment” is about the assumed level of cash flow not about perceived body girth. To prove their point further the film crew usually follows this misshapen awkward fake fatty around the city to document how she is ignored, snubbed, and shunned by one and all, but especially by men. Yet again, ignored, really? This only goes to prove that this skinny lady has nothing to share with the world; she has no skills other than her size 0 body to socially engage others. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here to say that fat girls not only have the parts that most men cannot ignore they also have a kick ass personality. Our social skills have been honed for years, they need to be, we can’t just rely on a vacant stare, a hair flip and a random, “That’s hot” murmured through our tiny cocktail straws.

  • Danielle

    I love Gee’s comment. But I think the people that don’t dress from their size, so muffin tops and skin tight shirts are all exposed are the girls that have gained weight and don’t want to accept it.

    But even I don’t dress as frumpy as the America VS Obesity footage, not even going to the gym. Ugh.

  • http://pullaheartstring Emma

    Totally agree with you, the media does put out this image a lot that us plus sized people don’t know how to dress appropriately for our size. Although, I see women on occasion that are smaller sized than me and not dressing appropriately. So I don’t think it’s necessarily something that can be tied to plus sized people, that’s for sure. But I always make an effort to make sure I look well turned out.

  • ReallyNow?

    I was at FFFW and have to disagree…I was disgusted by what at least 70% of the women wore. Too short, tight, wrong size, shoes that were too tight (skin overhanging the tops/sides) it’s not ok for ANYONE regardless of their size to dress in things that are too short, tight, of the wrong size, too constraining, etc…

    Being a fashion stylist I simply bit my tongue and had a great time with my friends.

    And NO NO NO for the love of G*d PLEASE don’t send ANYONE to a “BBW” fetish party I’ve NEVER seen ANYONE at ANY of these “parties” dressed properly.

    How about the magazines simply look for quality designers…Svoboda, Anna Scholz, Gayla Bentley, etc…

    • TheBigGirlBlog

      @ ReallyNow?

      I get where you’re coming from and I saw those girls too, but I think there was a good majority of women at FFFWeek that looked great! I think its more like what @HP said: The “peopleofwalmart” look vs. the fashionable plus size girls who even if they don’t execute well are TRYING not to look like slobs.

      I have a post coming up about the BBW parties… we can chat more about that another time ;-) lol

  • Joy

    To tell you the truth you live in New York City, one of the hubs of culture and fashion so of COURSE the larger women you’re going to see are going to look amazing.

    The reality is that most of the time the majority of obese people DO look like what they show on the news. You have to think on a national level and not just on a local-level.

    That being said, you are right. They COULD show a little variety so that it’s known that we’re not all sloppy with our muffin tops jiggling. But that’s reality too. And FATshionistas (I’m sad to say) are not common.

  • MC

    Hey there!

    I was going to tweet you this, but I don’t have a Twitter account. If you pick up the July edition of Lucky magazine, on page 40 they have a page called “A City-By-City Guide to Plus-Size Shops” and the article does exactly what it says–it gives a quick description and name of great plus size shops in different cities and their websites. These are some cute looks! I visited some of the websites! Anyway, this goes along with this post because these are some great options for the fashion forward psp. Love your blog!

  • Nadia

    Wow! There’s a full figure fashion week! I wanna go!

  • Yoles

    you are so right… and i do wish they would show a little variety in the full figured department. i live in nyc as well and i make sure i look damn good every time i leave my house.. i have to represent :)

  • juliette

    This whole conversation – where fat folks have to justify themselves by dressing “appropriately for their body type” is just…insulting. MOST people don’t dress “according to their body type” – there are as many size 2, 4 etc girls wearing things too small or too big or whatever. While I agree that it would be nice if the media showed different types of fat people, they don’t do that – everyone is a stereotype: Black people are “gansta” or loud and confrontational, Asian people are bookish and square, Gay people are flamboyant and emotional – the list goes on and on. Everyone needs to bring a little more love and live and let live to the party because none of us are perfect and we all could use some kind of improvement – and very often that improvement is a more open mind.

  • Charlene Fitzgerald

    You’re amazing. Thank you.x