Am I… Athletic?


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I was doing a bit of spring/summer cleaning and organizing over the weekend. As I began to put things in their proper place, I started to look at my “gym corner”; my gym corner is a little nook in my apartment where I keep all of my work out gear for the week. In my gym corner are:

  • A yoga mat
  • A softball glove
  • Boxing Gloves (pink, of course)
  • Swimming Goggles
  • and of course Sneakers

I had to laugh at myself because in a given week I use all of that equipment but if I showed my gym corner to a stranger they’d never guess it belonged to me.

A lot of times on dating sites, guys say they like “athletic” girls or a girl who “takes care of herself”. Of course, I always know that this is a polite way of saying “skinny, small, slender… not fat” and that’s okay, we all have our preferences.

But looking at my workout schedule and how active I am, I’m starting to wonder if I’m athletic. This week for example: I swam laps over on Sunday, took a full contact boxing class on Monday, played in a softball game on Tuesday and I’m taking a dance class later today. That’s a pretty average week for me.

These are things that I enjoy and I’m pretty good at all of those sports (except softball, I struck out this week :-() Being active makes me feel good and has helped me lose 22 pounds. Its starting to become part of my lifestyle, so I’m wondering what you guys think.

Can big girls be athletic?

  • Kristin

    i dont think size is related to how athletic someone is.

    and ironically, my husband and i were talking about this very thing today! :)

  • Mandi

    You bring up a very good point. I actually went and looked up the definition of athletic. Aside from the whole “relating to athletes or athletics” definition, it also said “characteristic of an athlete; especially: vigorous, active”. The definition of athlete is “a person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina”.

    I think that describes you pretty well. Come to think of it, that describes me pretty well too. I wouldn’t hesitate to describe myself as both vigorous AND active, yet I hesitate to call myself athletic. Why? I work out 4 days a week and can out-Zumba half the skinny women in the class. But I’m 5’10″ and 260lbs… does that even matter?

    In my mind, I think I associate the word athletic with the idea that physical activity is easy for an athletic person, and that may be why I hesitate to describe myself that way. It’s not easy for me. It’s not impossible by any means, it’s just a very challenging workout.

    I realize I haven’t really answered your question, but I wanted to thank you for asking it. You’ve inspired me to take a deeper look at how I perceive myself and my fitness level.

    And congrats on the 22 pounds! :-)

  • Allie

    Of course we can! And it sounds like you are! I wish I was even half that active, you’re an inspiration to a lot of women. Keep it up!

  • Kadot

    Hey Cece,

    first: I really love your blog! It is making me laugh every day, as I am a PSP too ;)

    Im Germany, we use the word athletic only for people with a very definated figure, like a muscular man, or a very skinny and muscular women. What you are, would be called sporty, in my country. But I just read the definition for the English word athletic, and I would just say: Yes, you are athletic!

    Sadly, I am not as sporty/athletic as you are, but because of your blog, I just decided to start doing some sports. Not to lose weight, but to get fitter :)


  • Adrienne

    When I met my husband–a marathon and long distance trail runner–online, I felt the need to explain to him that while I ran daily, I did not look like your typical runner. Even though I’ve always felt attractive and he`d seen plenty of pictures, I still felt like I needed to make it clear so he wasn’t expecting someone more “athletic”…even though I kinda’ was. He mentioned that runners came in all shapes and sizes and eventually when I joined a running group where his was, I got to see that many of the women running marathons were in fact plus size. So yes, a big girl can be athletic! It just takes a real man to see it ;)

  • Kas

    I think ‘big people’ CAN be athletic: My stepson (36 yrs) is 6’3″ and weighs prolly around 360 (if not more), but he is ALWAYS doing something atheltic-y. Be it the softball team he’s on, going to the gym, jogging, football (not to mention excercise such yard work!), he’s ALWAYS doing something! BUT, he likes to eat and a lot of his food choices are not wise. I’m trying to show him, but…. *sigh*

    Me- I’m just lazy! Gotta get back into the gym thing, but after being sick and then going on a mini-vacay… IT’S HARD!!!

  • Cathy Benavides

    This is a question I have struggled with as well. I’ve taken boxing classes (love them!!) and I’m learning to play volleyball right now. I grew up in a very artistic household- we were all singers, musicians and actors. So sports weren’t really a big deal. Now I want to learn to be more athletic. I think no matter what size you are, you can absolutely be athletic. There are more than a few pro baseball players with beer guts :)

  • Emmie

    Hell yes, big girls can be athletic! I exercise 5 days a week and did a half marathon… all at still over 300 pounds. Do I want to be smaller? Yes. Can I out-Zumba some of my skinny friends? Heck yes :)

  • Hope

    Sure we can. I’m a curvy, plus size girl and I do a 2hr Kendo (japanese fencing) class. I can keep up with girls 1/2 my age and my size. Some of the guys have problems keeping up with me.

  • Jean

    Of course!! Size 18 here, 49 years old, and I play goal for a recreational women’s ice hockey team. Actually, it’s better if I’m bigger for this because I can’t be pushed out of net so easily. Size has nothing to do with athleticism! YOU GO GIRLS!!

  • Raine

    Yes, big girls cancan athletic. I know of several who are, and am working on getting myself back into that category. :) Seriously, one of the things I love about triathlon is there is even a term for us – women over 150 pounds or so (it varies a little) are known as Athenas, which is an image I love.

  • Mari

    You’re very athletic! Wish i was half as active as you! lol

    About the giveaway, did you email the winner? Cause i read all your posts and didn’t see the result.

    • TheBigGirlBlog

      I did email her… She never responded :-(

  • Mari

    Don’t be sad! If you email me, I’m sure it will be responded! lol :)

  • Beth @ Kitchen Minions

    I’ve been an athlete my whole life. I was a varsity swimmer and a big girl at the same time. Of course I’m not an athlete now…I should change that.

  • Steph @ Steph in Connecticut

    As a bigger girl, people are sometimes surprised when I say that I am a runner, soccer player, swimmer, and regular exercise participant. Not all runners are the typical skinny, body fat below 8%, 7 minute mile runner…no, some of us are a bit “fluffy” and wear heavy duty sport bras.

  • Danie

    I’m going to say yes. Ya know sometimes, people are heavy set or “full figured” as I like to say by genetics. I’m not too big of a girl but I am bigger than what I should be, plus I’m 5′ 9″ and quite stout. And as I look in the mirror day by day wishing I was slim and had a flat stomach, I realized that I have naturally wide, “baby making” hips. Also I have big, strong, healthy bones. So I’ve accepted that I will never be a skeleton, which who would want to be like that. I would though like to have an hour glass shape, this requires me to get off my lazy butt, ha ha. :)

  • sandra

    I was just thinking the same thing the other day!
    I am very active, i do interval training, pilates and swim-i work out 6 days a week.
    I love exercising, but i love good food and sweets just as much :P so i am a UK size 16…But i take care of myself, i am athletic, somewhere under the “extra” are muscles :D And even though i love myself the way i am, it sometimes bothers me that people think i am lazy and un athletic.

    Ps! I love you blog! I discovered it, when i was having a rough time in my life and it gave me back my confidence and hope! Thank you so much!

    Love from Estonia!

  • shannel james

    hey cece girl
    of corse we can when i was 19 through 25 i was always the life of the party because i’am light on my feet in high school ijoined a stepping class and was the one big girl in the group now pictue an 250 to 300 pound girl who loves to dance cutting a rug and all her friends having fun with her it was great.

  • Lizzy

    Wowsers! That’s amazing, great going! Same goes for everyone else commenting here too – it’s brought me out in a sweat just reading how active everyone is!

    I need some of your motivation please! I seem to be spending much more time writing about getting fit than actually getting fit at the moment! :(

  • Chanel

    Thanks for writing this. Great thoughts, I think you should never judge yourself by anyone else. I am an athlete, I am athletic…and I love my life when I am active. I am also 245 lbs and 5’3″…no one would think I was into sports unless they know me.

    I play tennis hard, I zumba, I spin (I love spinning). My brother’s friend was like no you cant call her fat, cause she can do too much. My dating requirements were that I meet someone that is active and has a lifestyle like mine…HARD, I know, cause at first assumtion no guy would think I want to run, and play kickball on my dates.

    Keep looking and be you. I found the most perfect man that loves health and me, and also understands that skinny people are unhealthy too. We want heart health together.


  • Payton_vege

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