AOL & Jeep ask “What Inspires You?”


When AOL and Jeep asked me what inspired me, the answer was easy… Love and Music.

I’ve been very lucky to have a life filled with love and music. Everything I do boils back to those two things… I moved to New York to study music and of course love was always in the back of my mind ;-). I grew up in a house full of love and music and most of my friends are loving and musically talented.

My musical collection is pretty huge and I have a memory attached to all of the songs I love. While I’m blogging I’m constantly listening to music because my favorite artists inspire me.

So when I created my inspiration board on the AOL Jeep site, it was all about love and music because I’m all about love and music. Who knew I was so simple!

You can create your inspiration board here. Creating one enters you for a chance to win a $50 gift card weekly, and all inspiration board creators are entered for a chance to win a $4500 gift card.

  • Kaylee

    Why do you always try to “promote” things? It just makes me uncomfortable like your getting paid to advertise. You do it a lot. With clothes ect ect.

    • TheBigGirlBlog

      Hi Kaylee,

      When I write about clothes its because I like them, not because I’m paid to. I love writing about my fashion/style and I think clothes are fun.

      All TBGB entries are tagged “fashion”, “dating”, “weight loss” etc. so you know what they are. The promotional posts are tagged right underneath the title as “sponsored post”, when you see that you can just skip it and get to the other entries :-)


  • Leslie@ The tale of going natural

    Very cool post CeCe. You kind of remind me of Jennifer Hudson in the first Sex in the City movie. She was all about the love.. and designer handbags! LOL

  • Catina

    I would have to say that “life” truly inspires me.