Wearing a Swimsuit in Public


Have you ever bought a bathing suit and then covered it up with a T-Shirt?

Have you ever walked around in board shorts to hide your thighs?

Have you ever refused to get into the ocean/pool/lake/river because you were embarrassed to be seen in your swimsuit?

I’ve done all these things (and more). I’ve done these things at my biggest and at my smallest. The funny thing is, while I’m obsessing over the summer season and how I will look walking around in a bathing suit, there are millions of men walking around like this:

If these men have body confidence, why cant I?

After doing a bit of pre-season home shopping and stocking up on swimsuits, cover-ups and sundresses I’ve spent the last week in sunny San Diego and I have been in my bathing suits since I got here. I’ve walked around the city in tiny sundresses thrown over my bathing suit, just like the skinny girls do and its LIBERATING! Quick trips to the store or to grab lunch are so much more fun when you’re barely clothed and the sun is kissing your body. Not to mention, my tan is stellar!

Anyway, Memorial weekend means the beginning of summer, so lets put things in perspective. We’ve all got body issues, but at then end of the day… who cares?!

  • http://thefatchance.blogspot.com Chance

    Amen sister! I live in a bathing suit from May-August and I will not apologize, cover up, or be ashamed of my body in it!

  • Elle

    That’s what I always tell myself. There’s so many other people who look worse than me out there on the beach. So why should I be covered up?

  • Piper

    I’m still self-conscious about how I look in a swimsuit. I worry that everyone will be staring at my thighs. Last summer, I was in Virginia Beach for a family gathering and we went to the beach and I wore a swim cover over my swimsuit. When I took it off, no one said anything but I still felt self-conscious. As long as I have a big tummy and creamy thighs, I’m always going to feel a little self-conscious.

  • http://www.sexualperfume.blogspot.com Norma Germain

    Who cares about lumpy thighs, e.t.c.? No one is looking at them, they are just enjoying the beach, like I am. I threw self-consciousness out the window when I realized this is the best body I’m ever going to get. When I am 80, I’m going to tell myself that I was hot back then, and why wasn’t I proud of who I was? I love summer and the beach and self-consciousness is not going to stand in my way. Woot! Woot!

  • LisaKay

    One important thing to always remember…people are waaaay too busy looking at themselves to worry about some other person’s body…think about that for a minute…then relax and enjoy the summer…I fling my extra weight around and OWN it, sisters…you do the same…be confident…nothing is more sexy than that!!!

  • Deb

    I love this entry! I have always hated being in a bathing suit, and always chose the full coverage one pieces or tank and shorts tankinis. Then I would cover that up with something big and shapeless until the absolute last second! I just turned thirty, and so far thirty is good! I’m a big girl, I’ve definitely got a shape to me, and I’m beginning to enjoy it. I wanted to buy a bikini to wear swimming (in the creek, I live in a small town in the country), but could not find one to fit! I’m “gifted” up top as well, and no one seems to know how to make a proper swimsuit top for a bigger bust. Ridiculous. My short-shorts and tank top with sports bra works for now. I’m not gonna wear any more suits that look more appropriate for my grandma!

  • Jarette

    I love this post!!! Your right men walk around anyway they want … I will say that I had the same issues because I go up and down with weight but as women we are never satisfied no matter how we look. Just get something that you will be comfortable in. Some of these celebrities have amazing bodies and they still wear beautiful coverups. No one says get rid of your curves but we can tone up that way you can feel better about the way we look. Nivea has a nice product for cellulite that works pretty well it firms up your thighs it works i tried it last summer… Well happy bathing suits!!!! Curvy girls rock !

  • Lesley

    Great post. I just got back from Vegas and by day, we spent it by the pool. In times past, ‘d usually cover myself up with my towel after getting out of the pool and keep myself covered while lounging. This time was the first time that I didn’t care about what people thought or saw. I was there to get a tan and dang it, I was going to get a good one.

  • heather

    I have the opposite problem, I’m definitely a PS gal, and while my fiance is less plus-sized than I am, he will not take his shirt off at the beach, even when I don’t care about how I look in my swimsuit. He absolutely refuses to go shirtless in public, and won’t even venture more than calf-deep in the water. Sigh.

  • http://www.TheSpinsterliciousLife.com Spinsterlicious

    Guys who look like the one in that photo are everywhere. I do wish women could learn from guys like this learn not to over-care about their bodies.

    - The Spinsterlicious Life

  • http://www.lawholesaleoutlet.com Joyce

    yeah who cares.. I just wear my big sexy bathing suit :).. walk around the beach.. then a guy asking for my phone number.

    Confidence = Sexy.