Plus Size Swimsuits 2011 (Featuring Extended Sizes!)


I’m going on vacation this week, so I started my swimsuit search a little early. With so many new swim lines coming out, Plus Size Princesses have a lot of options (especially if money isn’t an issue). But if you’re on a budget like me, cute suits at reasonable prices are the way to go and they’re not hard to find. Getting cute cover-ups from sites like ABC Distributing are also a way to go, to wear over your swimsuit.

I’m really trying to get away from the skirted swimsuits like the one I picked up last year for my Miami trip. I know they’re supposed to flatter/hide a bigger figure, but I’m over it. If I’m going to embrace my curves, I need to do it on the beach too!

Soooo I found three really cute suits on the OneStopPlus website:

The geometric pattern on this suit makes my waist/tummy look defined and it has a supportive bra cup. I also think that halter cuts are super flattering for PSPs, so this was a great find. I can’t wait to rock it on the beach!

The next suit I picked up was for the gym. I swim twice a week and I wanted a suit with more boob support. This simple suit keeps the twins contained while I’m swimming laps and I even tested it out during a water aerobics class. The bouncing and jumping wasn’t a problem at all….

Lastly, from talking to different TBGB readers online I’ve realized that girls who are above a 3X often have even more trouble finding cute clothes. When I was looking at the OneStopPlus site, I noticed that a few of their suits go up to a size 34! They were kind enough to send me an extended size suit. I asked a friend who is a size 30/32 to test it out and she had nothing but good things to say. This black suit with an adorable white bow is convertible. It can be worn strapless and the straps are adjustable! She said that she usually has to wear a bra with her suits, but this one provided lots of support. So, if you’re above a 3x or 22/24, you might want to check for this suit and the other extended size styles online.

  • Leslie@ The tale of going natural

    I love that last suit! Totally adorable!

  • Laura

    These are pretty cute.

  • Nanette Frank

    Very cute swimsuits. Do you need bra liners for your trip?

  • Sherry

    I like the blue one. I agree with you and I am ditching the grandma suit I bought last year. I have curves, why cover them up? These suits are nice.

  • milaxx

    I have that black skirted suit in green but I don’t like wearing it to water aerobics. The skirt floats and drive me crazy. I finally bought a once piece racing back suit and a two piece with a racing back. I prefer them fr water aerobics because the higher necklines don’t make me feel like the girls are going to jump out during a particularly vigorous workout and both have great bra support.

  • mark

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  • MrsTDJ

    Great review! That last suit is super cute!

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  • sally

    I’m a newly plus sized woman. My entire life was spent being slim and slender but I packed on 40 pounds recently and now I am wearing plus sized clothing. I’m still trying to wrap my head around this idea that I AM this big that I am plus sized. Being small boned, 5’4″ and 160+ pounds is a bit tough to accept, but I am trying to learn to love my life as a plus sizer. The toughest thing I am discovering is in buying anything from clothing to lingerie to swimwear. I am grateful to find the site OneStopPlus. At LAST, I can wear beautiful plus sized clothing which makes it much easier to accept being this size. Now that I know that there is so much good selection of plus sized stuff available for us bigger women, I am feeling good about being this size and am OK with it. If I stay this size or gain more weight, that’s OK, too, because there are nice clothes available for the bigger woman, and that’s great to know. Thanks from a newly plus sized gal!

  • Elle

    Screw the swimsuit, I want that hat.

  • summer

    hey do you remember where you bought the second swimsuit? i have been searching online for hours upon hours looking for a cute enough swimsuit and i find that one very simple and adorable and i want to purchase it!

    • TheBigGirlBlog

      All of these swimsuits were from

  • Emma

    Just found an awesome deal on Trubates for plus size swimwear. There are tons of cute suits… for FOURTEEN DOLLARS! I bought mine!

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