Fashionably Ever After: Ashley Stewart


I haven’t been inside of an Ashley Stewart store in years. For some reason, their clothes haven’t been appealing to me. But last week, they invited me to Brooklyn to hang out at their newly designed flagship store in Brooklyn. I met up with some other plus size bloggers including my style twin, StylishCurves.

Walking into the newly redesigned store, the first thing I noticed was all of the color!


They’ve done a really good job of revamping their style to include a variety of pieces that I would definitely wear. We all started pulling things off the racks so that we could dress each other. StylishCurves and I were both drawn to a strapless linen jumpsuit so we grabbed it along with some accessories and she was sweet enough to let me style her in a fabulous summer outfit (isn’t she adorable?).

Anyway, I had a blast with Ashley Stewart. I ended up getting the same jumpsuit in black and pairing it with a wide pink belt, silver hoops and a cute little clutch. I also picked up a bright yellow dress that I’ll be pairing with a white cardigan and pearls until the weather gets warmer.

Oh, and I can’t forget the adorable bra and panties set that I got…


I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for what Ashley Stewart has for the rest of the summer!

  • Laura

    Oh man, you guys are so lucky you got to go. I so miss living in NYC! Next time I go down there I’m going to have to check it out.

  • Katie

    I have recently become a HUGE Ashley Stewart fan. So far just simply “window shopping” as my budget has NO room for purchases, but I have a wish list a mile long.

  • Faith

    I just discovered Ashley Stewart when I started going to Chicago to visit my husband’s family. There are no stores around here so every time we get up there I gotta go check it out. I have found some cute things and great prices and love most of their clothes! I also have a wishlist but usually only have enough on me to purchase one or two items. Wish there was one closer!!!

  • Piper

    Ashley Stewart has gone really far up the ranks lately! Their clothes have definitely gotten cuter! It’s nice to see a pic of your “twin,” but when are we going to see a pic of you?

  • nino

    thats cool

  • crabb gerry

    Ashley Stewart is such a great store for plus size women’s. They really have stylish and cuter clothes!

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