Boob Sweat!


I was 16 and had just finished a performance with my high school show-choir. We ran off stage to change out of our costumes and as I pulled the dress over my head, I smelled something. I was 99.9% sure I had put on deodorant and when I smelled the armpits of my costume it was fine.

I pulled on my jeans, a T-shirt and piled into the back of our directors mini-van with my best friend, Holly. The smell was still there, but I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. I shoved my armpit into Holly’s face “do I smell?!” I asked. She took a whiff (that’s what friends are for!) and shook her head, “nope!”.

Three times that week, the phantom smell would haunt my nostrils until one day after my tap class when I peeled off my tank top. My hands were in the air and my 40DD breasts were mere inches from my face. That’s when I realized… my boobs were sweating!

The smell was from the friction that “the twins” created as I bounced around like a normal active 16 year old girl. Just like armpits, as my boobs rubbed together, they would create moisture and emit a faint odor.


I rushed to the girls bathroom, soaked a paper towel with soap and water and did my best to rinse my cleavage.

The next morning, I began looking for boob sweat remedies. I started with baby powder, but I found that it was noticeable on my shirts and sometimes it would cake up in between “the twins” leaving little gooey balls which looked even worse!

Eventually, I tried swiping my cleavage with deodorant. It was an invisible and sure-fire way to avoid the issue. It worked and I’ve been doing it every morning since!

I swear there are some things only Plus Size Princesses have to deal with….

How do YOU handle boob sweat?

  • Gee

    Lift and SEPARATE! As a perfectly plump woman since popping out of the womb with an extremely ample chest I take umbrage with other lovely curvy women on the streets of NYC who look as though they are in pain, shackled with two heaving butt cheeks under their chins. This is NOT how a bra should fit. Sure I have these types of uni-boob poor quality Lane Bryant ‘fun sexy time’ overly padded bras that shmoosh everything together to create a lusty heaving silhouette but these are not for everyday support nor do they create an attractive look under clothing. The best and only bras that I own are Wacoal, they are beautiful, supportive and my boobs have never touch each other, they sit perfectly perky alone. Bra design/ type/ fit are a personal choice but if you have been experiencing this odorous boob sweat for years and you are embarrassed by it then I suggest getting a REAL fitting at a specialty bra shop (there are two on the UES, or Bloomingdales) and purchase bras that do the hard work. You deserve to be comfortable, beautiful and curvy – believe me there are bras that do just that.

  • Tani

    I agree with the above post…a good bra does wonders! But for someone with (formerly) extremely large breasts I also dealt with “boob sweat” even with a good bra. I couldn’t STAND the feeling of sweat under my breasts. I used baby powder as well (suggestion from my mom so I wouldn’t get a rash) but that didn’t really help for all day comfort or smell…especially during the summer. I ended up wearing those cami tank tops, and I would tuck it under my bra and breasts to absorb the sweat. Sounds weird but it works! But again, that’s an extreme measure for someone with very large breasts (not sure what size you are). But since my reduction I don’t have to worry about that anymore. ;-)

  • Carissa

    I agree…a good bra works wonders, however, it doesnt stop you from sweating! I also use Baby Powder (also a suggestion from my mom) in these cases, and especially in the summer months…I dont too much have a problem in the winter but as soon as the season changes I have an issue with this! I always keep a travel size with me in the warmer months!

  • Rebekah jo

    If you are going to powder your girls, use pure corn starch. It works much better and doesn’t “gum up”. In the summer I swiped under each girl with anti-perspirant. My girls don’t touch, but I am hot natured, and let’s face it, bras are just hot in the summer. This just keeps my girls from getting too hot from the bra.

  • Just Saying

    lol this made me laugh. I’ve onyl been a 40DD, now a 42DD for about 5 years. I learned this trick very fast. :)
    Love it!

    Lady Mitchium Roll On..
    Leaves no stains or marks on your clothes! And you can skip a day. :) Put it on while you’re brushing your teeth etc, and it will be dry by the time you get dressed.

  • Kit

    The sweat can cause bacteria growth and skin irritation. To tame the moisture, you can use deodorant, or you can also use strips of soft cotton cloth tacked inside the bottom edge of the bra (tricky, I know, with fancy underwires, but easier with everyday bras and wirefrees). They can be changed and washed as often as needed.

    For the bacteria, use antibacterial soap or Hibiclens, a surgical scrub available in drugstores. It’s mild-smelling, doesn’t hurt the skin and great for any area of the body (except those mentioned on the label as verboten) where bacteria is likely to grow.

  • Ren

    Long time reader (and lurker). Love your blog!

    I have never had this problem as a PSP because, well… unlike other PSPs I don’t have sexy, curvy buttocks nor am I particularly ‘gifted’ in the chest area. I’m somewhere between an a cup and a b cup (finding the perfect bra is close to impossible for me). But I do get the whole boob sweat underneath the girls. It doesn’t smell but when I would remove my bra at night (my mother scared me when I was younger about sleeping with a bra on) it would itch insanely. About a year ago, after volunteering at a CANSA organisation, I started applying Aqueous Cream all around and under the girls. It not only helped with preventing the sweating but it also meant that I would be giving myself regular breast check ups (which was the reason I started doing it in the first place).

  • Tonia

    I have used deodorant and corn starch. The deodorant works the best because it allowed me to catch a whiff of whatever deodorant scent I chose. I’ve also used liquid talc (goes on as a spray and dries like powder) from Bath and Body Works. If I get especially sweaty, I wipe the area with alcohol to prevent bacteria. I am SO glad to hear that I am not alone in this struggle :).

  • Kemi

    I agree with the using deodorant. During the hot summer sometimes I do the cami tuck under the boobage thing, too! I thought it was wacky but it feels less wacky now that I know someone else does it, too. Mixing a little pinch of baking soda with cornstarch works for me when I’m at home and I don’t want to put deodorant on the girls. It can be abrasive for some people though make sure you pat it on (no rubbing).

  • Danielle

    I would NOT use deodorant, only because of the chemicals in deodorant, you don’t want it any closer to your twins as it is now. I highly recommend the Crystal Rock, its a deodorant but can use it on other sweaty body areas, its great at eliminating odor. Its easily found at health food stores or at Whole Foods.

    That brand also has a body spray that can be used for deodorant, or anywhere on the body, and its lightly scented. This has no chemicals or pesticides. I use the Green Tea & Chamomile one. Works great, and not overly fragrant. I sweat a lot and I practice Bikram Yoga, so when I say “a lot” I mean it. I don’t have any problem with B.O.

  • Jo

    Since moving from the frozen north (Michigan) to the south (South Carolina), I too have developed a great fondness for baby powder. Another solution that I came upon while researching various remedies for sweaty situations (especially because I do not use antiperspirant due to the aluminum in it) is diaper ointment. Believe it or not, this actually works amazingly well – reduces moisture, creates a protective barrier, and smells pretty innocuous. I use both the diaper ointment and powder from Burt’s Baby Bees line daily.

  • ShoeJunkie

    Wait….. I didn’t know that boob sweat had a smell?

    But the feeling is way gross.

  • Kisha

    Check out what MzDivaPlus had to say about pampras bra liners!

  • FrankieB

    To echo Gee, if you are in NYC the Orchard Corset Center is the best place to buy a bra.

    I use a vegetable deodorant by a nice gal online from

  • BK Big Girl

    Lol! Deodorant! Seriously, NYC summers can be terribly humid, and on us big girls, there are areas that are “out of sight, out of mind” and require attention! One swipe of a clear roll on does wonders…in MANY places! Lol!

  • Heather E

    As a 42DDD, I can completely relate. Living in Florida means that I deal with this issue year round. I wear good bras — lift and separate — for starters. I tried the deodorant, baby powder, and corn starch routes, but those things dry out your skin. You really don’t want to dry out your skin, so, I have found that body lotion is what works for me. Any body lotion. I lube up my entire body every day right after my shower. (Hey! It’s called BODY Lotion, not arm & leg lotion!) Everything stays soft and smooth, and if I do sweat, it doesn’t chafe. I usually use a scented lotion — love the Philosophy line of scented shower gels/lotions. Keeping everything soft, smooth, and lubricated will go a long way helping your skin for good. After many years of doing this, I get complimented on my skin all the time.

  • Moni

    I can relate as I am also a 42DD and have had this problem for years…

    Deodorant works for a while, then you wind up with a irritation that will then turn into a rash and THAT is the absolute worst! I have to big patches under my breasts that look like two huge birthmarks.

    I tried, powder,corn starch, baking soda, the sweat still came. Then finally after about 10 years of this Lever Soap seemed to do the trick along with the material T-Shirts are made out of cut and placed underneath the breast.

    Then one day I didn’t see Lever Soap so I tried Dr. Bronners Peppermint Soap. You can find it in most drugstores, health food stores,Trader Joes or Whole Foods.

    EUREKA! FINALLY! Not only does it clean exceptionally well, it holds off odor!

    I’ve been using Dr. Bronners soap ever since…

  • Cindy

    I found a lot of helpful stuff for boobs and boob sweat on

  • Nanette Frank

    Try Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner: disposable, thin, soft, discreet curved pattern. When the “girls” need more than a cool breeze, you can trust Girlease.

  • jessiO

    Im a new reader and Im just skimming through the articles and I came across this and seriously I thouht I was the only one who does this it works out perfect and last all day :) all smiles!

  • joneus

    Its not *just* a “Plus Sized Princess” problem! I’m a size 6 (with a pair of 36-C’s) and get horrendous boob sweat if I’m outside for more than a few minutes. I dont even have to be doing anything!!! As a runner, climber, and yoga teacher, I pretty much live in sports bras, so the deodorant trick has been a lifesaver!

    Great blog!

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  • Jim

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  • Shabootie

    Boobsweat smells like feet

  • Kez

    Love this!! Been having problems with boob sweat for a few months now since I started on medication that can cause hyperhydrosis! I sweat excessively on my chest area, particularly my cleavage. Past few weeks its started to smell. I shower morning and night, but as I get half way through the day the sweat starts to smell really strong and it’s so embarrassing. Have got Mitchum roll on here so going to try it :-) If it works, GREAT… oooh I hope it does, it’s not even spring properly yet here and I’m already struggling :-(

    Fingers crossed??? xx

  • Arodgg

    I am 20, 5’2 and a size 2… i am anything except big…. but with 34 DD knockers… i SWEAR. boob sweat is like the downfall to my day. i wanted to try deodorant but was afraid it would make me break out! hope your right! willing to try it now! thanks!

    <3 a not so big girl

    • Anonymous


  • 40DDD

    Try tgey have awesome booby dry lotion/powder and if u got a man with some big junk dowstairs like me pick him up the anti ball sweat formula too. Ur welcome.

    Signed 40DDD

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  • Cherry2dream

    I have done the while deodorant thing since I was like 16 17. I am 5’0 if I’m lucky n feet are swollen 5’1. I was like a size 3 to 5 with DD’s. It worked great. But almost 20 years later.. A few pounds heavy lol. My boobs are a size J. Deodorant doesn’t always do the trick n powder dots start to ball up. I know u can get a powder. It’s called Kama Sutra Powder. Normally it is found in the catalogs at Hush Parties. But it is also available at some Walgreens. It is amazing stuff.

  • insomniousfire

    This isn’t just a plus-sized girl problem; it’s mainly a big breasted girl problem. I have 32DD’s & this happens to me all the time. I’m gonna have to try the deoderant thing though!

  • 48DD(love my bobbs)

    Thanks I will most likely try it and hope it works fondly cuz my 48DD sweat only in the summer time never thur winter fall or spring

  • jasha

    IT’s actually really dangerous to do that considering that deodorants have parabens that have been linked to breast cancer. I have tried switching over to natural deodorants. My suggestion is to try something else.

  • City Girl

    Deodorant made me break out. I use hibiclens (a cleanser you use before surgeries) every day in that one place when I take my shower. Ta da! No more problems!!!!

  • Sophie Ferguson

    I’m 19, 5’5 with 32E’s to look after and as I have realllly pale skin and it’s thin so the heat gets to it so much! Even from the slightest blush to heatwave I can get pink skinned (only on my face! ugh) and in the slightest sweat, though I’ll sweat more due to worrying about it and ending up making more heat etc…
    Every, single year :(
    But I’ve found that just showering more often and spraying deodorant on them and on my back, stomach and everywhere else I seem to sweat a lot (pretty much everywhere, wah) helps a lot! And rotating through the bras I have, making sure they’re clean etc helps too.

  • Holly Elizabeth Lee

    I have a pap smear tomorrow and was googling remedies because I don’t wanna smell tomorrow at it (what’s more gross than smelling to begin with? Have a pap smear performed WHILE smelling) /sigh. I’mma be using deoderant tomorrow.

  • Taryn

    Deodorant is the best thing you can you! I work in a nurseing home and we use deodorant to keep our lady residents from developing a rash under their breast. Also works in the folds too ;)

  • boob_lover

    You girls are all all crazy, I am a full blooded male and I love a woman’s boob sweat. I find it incredibly sexy and love to lick it.

  • goofyarod

    Thanks for the tip. I’ve tried lotions and powders and nothing works . Its not fun being 5′ with 32GG’s and dealing with boob sweat.

  • Karen

    I hope in 3 years since this post you have grown up

  • ermintrude

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