Spotted: Chris Brown Playing Basketball in NYC


Have you heard Chris Brown’s “Dueces” song?

There’s a line in there that says like Tina did Ike in the Limo, it finally hit me. When I heard that lyric, I knew that Chris Brown would never see what he did the way most of us do. How could he site the most infamous domestic violence incident in pop-culture in one of his songs when he’s next in line for that title?

I’m soooo over Chris Brown! He may have forgotten his savage beating of a woman, but I haven’t.

Last night Robert and I  exited the train at West 4th and there was a huge crowd around the basketball courts. Robert said out loud to no one in particular “Is someone famous playing ball today?” then a stranger responded, “Yeah, Chris Brown!”

We both looked over the crowd and saw the “blonde bombshell” running up and down the courts. I guess he needed to let out some steam after breaking a window at Good Morning America earlier that morning. I snapped a photo because I could not believe he was making such a fool of himself in a single day.

“Do you think he’s ‘on something’?” Robert asked as we pushed our way through the crowd that was watching the CBreezy train wreck. I just shook my head.

A few weeks ago, Chris Brown leaked full frontal photos of his, um… “little Brown Chris” (sorry, I’m not posting those photos) and now Chris is having a public meltdown during the release of his comeback album.

My personal opinion is that the guilt of what he did is haunting him and making him ruin his own moment in the spotlight. Guilt can do funny things to a person (kind of like how OJ Simpson somehow managed to put himself in jail even when he was acquitted for murder).

Is Chris Brown on the Charlie Sheen band wagon? Does he really think we’re going to forget what he did do our precious RiRi? Also, where are his “people” and why aren’t they telling him to stop acting like an idiot

I have no clue, but it made for a very interesting evening!

  • Leslie

    “My personal opinion is that the guilt of what he did is haunting him and making him ruin his own moment in the spotlight. Guilt can do funny things to a person (kind of like how OJ Simpson somehow managed to put himself in jail even when he was acquitted for murder)”

    I never really thought about it that way.

  • Jubilance

    I just wanna point out that Chris Brown didn’t actually say that line in Dueces, that was Kevin McCall. I’m sure Chris Brown didn’t write that line & he didn’t perform it, so I think that particular instance is unfair to hold against him.

    • TheBigGirlBlog

      @ Jubilance: I totally understand your point, I thought about that too.
      But at the end of the day it was still CB’s song… if I let someone guest post offensive things on this blog, I’d take responsibility for it because its under my name… I approved it, etc. ya know?

  • NE Girl

    Yesterday’s behavior proves that his anger management classes taught him nothing. He’s a talented kid but I don’t believe he thinks he did anything wrong, 2 years ago or now.

  • Lusty Sagittarian

    I think this is a trend in PR set forth in motion by Charlie Sheen. As in, there’s no such thing as bad press. His outbursts might be somewhat well-orchestrated PR. I hope it backfires on his ass. GMA asked him back…of course they did! Ratings! And the media seems to want to popularize violence in general.

  • S

    I rarely ever comment but I just had to for this one.

    So let me get this straight: You’re so appalled by his actions and ‘Sooooo over Chris Brown’ that you designated an entire blog post about him?


    It’s your blog, but honestly? That just doesn’t make sense. I’m actually not a fan of him myself and I definitely don’t condone abuse in any relationship but unless you’re Rhianna’s best friend? Don’t call her ‘precious’.
    I’d also like to point out the fact that you have idea when the song “Duces” was actually written and recorded. Not only was that line said by a featured artist but many times artists produce music that isn’t released until months or even years later.

    I know this sound like I’m #TeamChrisBrown, but I’m really not. I’m just really disappointed that you decided to make a blog post about something that really has nothing to do with anything; and to be quite honest it just makes you sound….I don’t know….silly.
    I appreciate and respect the fact that you have dedicated a space on the internet where you have been honest about your struggles as a PSP. Your intelligent and candid posts are what lead me to become a dedicated follower, but between this post and the one about the gym towel the other day, I may have to reconsider that.

  • Felicity

    It’s always the people who are most judgemental that have some really funky skeletons hiding in their closets.Who ar you to Judge him? You don’t know the guy.What he did isn’t excusable but I have to agree with S.

  • antonia

    i typically don’t pay attention to pop culture, but this is the second time ive come across this story today…here’s a good article to check out .

  • Bundle _o_Roses

    He doesn’t care and he moved on the next day after it happend. I hate tos ay this, but it’s time that we move on. he knows what he did was wrong, and lets close the book and move on. Even I don’t want to hear or talk about it anymore. Why is it any time a a famous black entertainer go on some morning show they try to drill them with silly little questions. why are you mentioning the beating when he came to talk about his album? do your job and talk about the album. Rihanna is tired of talking about how she got the beat down of the century. Just move on already. he was arong, he apologized, and move on.

  • Nikki

    I was actually in Union Square that night for Bethenny Frankel’s book signing and she mentioned this!! She was also on GMA with him that morning so she survived Chris Brown lol.

  • Piper

    Mentioning Chris Brown in the same sentence as OJ Simpson smacks of thinly-veiled racism. I applaud your blog and you for being a PSP, but Chris Brown didn’t murder anyone. Should all black men be treated the same? I think not!

  • Grace

    Piper, she didn’t even come remotely close to saying that “all black men should be treated the same,” and I seriously doubt that she would lump people into categories like that. She referenced OJ as an example of how she thinks guilt can manifest; she didn’t compare Chris Brown’s actions to his. In fact, the only person to whom CeCe compared CB was Charlie Sheen. Disagreeing and expressing a difference of opinion is fine, but in this case, I think accusations of racism are out of line.

  • Christine

    It’s strange to me that people are saying we should move on from such a travesty when he’s actively in our faces on numerous videos, award shows, interviews, etc. Whether he is sorry or not, he’s the poster child for domestic abusers and there is nothing wrong with stating one’s opinion that he needs to stop being an idiot. The incident she’d cited happened that same day!

    As far as OJ comment, this is not a case of pulling the race card. Both of these are high profile cases of violence, whether the attacker was black, white or anything else. And she mentioned Charlie Sheen, so your point would be….?

  • whatever..

    Ugh.. Shut the fuck up about that already. She moved on why is everyone else still holding onto it. He didn’t beat you guys. LET IT GO!!!!