A Quick Note….


Happy Friday!

I’m not quite sure how to say this, so I’ll just start:

I’ve been getting a lot of emails and comments about the content of TBGB. Some people want to hear more about my general life in New York City, some people only want to see posts about being a big girl. Some people are nice, some not so nice.

You all know so much about me from this blog, but there’s a lot that I haven’t shared… I would like to share more of myself with you because you all share so much with me in your comments, tweets and emails.

Yes, I am a Plus Size Princess, but I also live in New York City (the most exciting city ever!) and have lots of cool experiences that have nothing to do with my weight. Moving forward, I plan on writing about some of those experiences because, in my opinion, that proves that you can live life 110% to the fullest at any size.

I just hope me sharing more of my life/thoughts doesn’t turn anyone away.

Have a good weekend!





  • http://www.twitter.com/mikaboo1 Temika

    The way I see it…it’s your blog! So you should have the right to say whatever you want, whether it has to do w/ being plus size or not! I enjoy every topic you cover. I can’t believe people would have anything negative to say…but haters are everywhere I guess…Keep up the great work, Cece! I’ll always be a fan! :o)

  • http://twitter.com/girltrueheart Lusty Sagittarian

    Exactly what Temika said. Until someone starts paying for your content, your words and what you choose to express are yours and yours alone. Most of us are here because we like you (and your blog) “just the way you are.” ;-)

    • TheBigGirlBlog

      @ Lusty Sagittarian: haha now I’m going to have to start a playlist with Billy Joel’s “don’t go changing, to try to please me…” Next it will be Bruno Mars “you’re amazing, just the way you are!”

  • Lexi

    Yay! I’m also a big(ger) gal living in the city and I’d love to hear about how you are living 110%! Something I need to start doing!

  • http://thetaleofgoingnatural.blogspot.com Leslie@ The tale of going natural

    We <3 you girl!

  • http://countrygirlseeking.blogspot.com/ Anna

    I agree with the above posts! We love your blog CeCe! It’s you’re blog :) Keep it up :)

  • Alisha

    Man forget the people who aren’t nice. If they want to be a douche they can go read something else.

  • http://nattyblueeyes.wordpress.com/ Nattyblueeyes

    I just came across your blog for the first time, and I just wanted to say THANK YOU. I’ve been looking for something that chronicles life outside the “mainstream” as I’m trying to navigate the same issues.

    You blog is a blessing right now! :D

  • http://www.passionsontopofpassions.blogspot.com antonia

    i recently started reading, but i wanted more information on you. a face to go with the voice. what you have to say is overwhelmingly relevant and true!

  • Liz

    Hi, I have been reading your blog for quite a long time but I never comment….is that rude? However, I do love reading about your life in NYC in general! I live in Glasgow, Scotland which is so very different to your world so I like to escape a little! I find your blog both highly entertaining and thought provoking and being a PSP myself totally relatable! So more of the same please x

  • Cristina


    Don’t let the mean ppl get you down… They’re just miserable

  • http://www.decoybetty.com Deidre

    It’s your blog so write on!

    Although personally I am willing to read anything you write about, but I will be glad to hear more about life in NY. As a normal sized princess I sometimes feel like I can’t be as part of the community of your blog as I’d like to be. So this will give me a chance!! (not that your blog is about me. please see points 1 and 2 about your blog and your fab writing).

  • Doll

    looking forward to it. as a minus sized princess. LOL

  • Angela

    I would love to hear MORE about your life in NYC, a favorite vacation spot of mine. Im not a PSP but I LOVE your blog.

  • http://www.TheSpinsterliciousLife.com eleanore

    Of course you should share more of yourself. You’re not one-dimensional so why in the world should your blog be? Rock out!

    eleanore – The Spinsterlicious Life

  • http://www.dietingdelilah.com/ Delilah

    I love this blog – the only thing that matters (and this goes out to all the people that did not write nice messages to you) is that it is your blog, your heart and your soul. All you write seems so honest and real and people should just feel great that you share your world and your secrets with everyone without limitations just because a topic seems to be too embarrassing to others.
    For a lot of people you definitely are a role model!

  • http://BykimB.wordpress.com punky

    Not to put another opinion on your plate but I love your content and I’m excited with every post you write! But what I really enjoy and what keeps me coming back is that no matter how you change it up or what you add or take away, you always stay true to yourself.

  • http://www.theuniuni.com/ Payton_vege

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