A Fun & Flirty Plus Size Cloak


Living in New York City, I have to have clothes for Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. I also have to have clothes for the transitional weeks in between each season. In a few weeks it won’t be warm enough to go without a jacket but at the same time it won’t cold enough to wear a huge coat.

I used to wear denim jackets and scarves during this time of year, but sometimes that look is too casual. So I’ve been looking for a light jacket and came across this cloak.

Usually coats can be tricky to size, since I have to consider bulky sweaters and scarves underneath, but this cloak gives lots of versatility because its constructed with a wide opening. I considered ordering this a size up, but I decided to go with my exact size and when it arrived it was perfect (I ordered it in black).

When I was enjoying the mild California winter over Christmas, I wore it with long sleeve cardigans underneath and it was just the right thing. This makes me very excited to wear it during the spring in New York!

  • http://thejenesaisquoi.blogspot.com/ Jeniese

    I ordered the red one! I can’t wait for it to get here!!!! I loved it!