Work Out Wednesday: When You Assume….


When I got to the gym to swim last week, all the lanes were full (full meaning 2, or more swimmers) except for one. I kicked off my sandals near the edge of the pool, waded into the water, and made my way to the lane where a middle aged man was preparing to start his laps.

“Hey, do you mind sharing this lane?” I asked.

He looked at me. “Maybe you’d be better off in the next lane over,” I looked over and saw two old ladies power walking in the pool.

“Um, those ladies aren’t even swimming,” I said, feeling my face get hot with a mix of annoyance and anger.

“I know,” he looked at me blankly “but I’m going to be swimming really fast. I just figured those ladies might be more your speed.”

I was stunned speechless. I could not believe that this guy thought he could tell how good of a swimmer I was just by looking at me. This was gymtimidation at its best.

“I’m just making a suggestion…” he said defensively.

“You’re not making a ‘suggestion‘ you’re making an assumption,” I replied flatly.

I could have explained to him that when a girl grows up in California with a pool in her back yard and takes swimming lessons for 5+ years, there’s a pretty good chance she can swim, even if she is plus size. But he wasn’t worth my energy. Instead I pulled my goggles over my eyes and swam at a good speed in his lane for 30 minutes.

People are so annoying… in other news, I lost 3 pounds this week!

This Weeks Work Outs: 3
Pounds Lost: 3
Weekly Goal: to get a swim, walk/run and yoga class in this week.

How’d you guys do?

  • Emily Sandford

    OMG. I would have punched him. For real. As a swimmer, I HATE people who are asshats and don't want to share lanes, for whatever reason. I'm fuming for you!
    On a happier note, congrats on the loss- that's awesome!

  • Madame: The Journey

    First off, congrats on the loss!

    I love that you stood up to him! The damnnit nerve of some people, especially some in fitness environments – who can only assume other people's capabilities.

  • IntrigueMe

    What an a$$hole!! I'd have told him to go bleep himself. Argh!

    But yes, let's not let that overshadow your 3lb loss, good for you!!

  • Je m’appelle Danielle

    What a jerk! At least you kept your cool about it, I would have lost it and told him to F off or something that surely would have caused a scene.

    Congrats on the poundage lost!

  • Artemis Clover: The real L.A. love story.

    i hope you stayed in that lane and out swam him.

  • Kimberly

    I avoid the fitness center @ home because of gymtimidation (great word BTW). I guess I should man up and take charge like you did. I'm impressed.

  • doll

    Just ignore the ignorant man. Congrats on your weight los

  • Something She Dated

    Congrats on the 3lbs. And keeping your cool…I would have began a lecture to him about A. how big of a douche he was B. how his words and mind by extension were singlehandedly making the world a worse place and that C. that if I accidentally kicked him in the nuts while passing going opposite directions, he only had himself to blame (and then I might have thrown one of his sandals into the deep end…Just Sayin'

  • Kemi

    How rude! I hope you passed him up during your swim.

    Yay for 3lbs gone!

  • G/W

    Atta girl. I'm so proud of you. Especially since I would have probably just… left.
    Yay for the weight loss! I just hit 30 minutes of running straight so I'm moving forward too :)

  • Knight

    I'm rude so I would have thrown ignorance back and said something along the lines of…"You look pretty beat up for your age and that big head of yours must weigh you down so I think I can handle your so called speed." but again, I'm rude.

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