Plus Size Wedding Fashion: What Should I Wear to a wedding?

I got today’s Curvy Conversations question from @Mizzou_Girl on Twitter she asked:
CeCe got a suggestion on a good website for dresses? I have a wedding to go to in 2 weeks and need a bangin’ dress!!

When I need an unforgettable dress for an event, I look to Igigi by Yuliya Raquel. I met Yuliya Raquel at Full Figured Fashion Week. She’s such a sweet woman and I think you can feel her positive energy in the clothes that she designs. Their dresses use brilliant colors and fabrics that make you feel like you’re wearing something designed just for you. If you’re looking to break out of your shell with bright colors, bare arms or prints Igigi is a perfect for that. Their designs made with curves in mind, so the cuts are flattering and comfortable while still maintaining a whimsical beauty.

I wore an Igigi dress (the Lola, in turqoise) to my friends wedding in Miami earlier this year and I felt great in it. I also wore their Karen Denim dress (pictured here) to a daytime/casual event last week and had both men and women asking me where I got my fabulous frock!

I’m not sure if the wedding you’re attending is casual or formal so I did a quick run through of their site and came up with three options for you that could work for any type of wedding.

This is the Riviera Dress. I love this dress because its flirty, fun and sexy. I also feel like it transitions well from day to evening. The satin details make it feel formal and with simple accessories like diamonds, pearls or chandelier earrings (as shown) this dress could be a great statement.

Of course, there are no shrugs allowed with a dress like this, so you have to be prepared to bare your arms!

*sigh* This is the Aphrodite Gown. I can see this dress turning heads on the dance floor during the reception. The rosette detailing is super sweet and the color would be amazing on any skin tone. I wouldn’t wear a necklace with a dress like this, but I would do a nice bracelet/earring combo.

Again, this requires the confidence to bare your arms, but for a dress like this it would be totally worth it!

Igigi has some fun designs with sleeves as well. This is the L’Amourette Dress. The color is a little edgier, but its a fun cocktail dress and I love the detailing on the hem. I think with a dress like this I would keep things classic. I’d wear pearls and maybe even pearl or nude colored shoes.
The main thing about Igigi is that no matter what dress you get, you’re getting a quality piece that is worth every penny.
Hope this helps,
  • Crown

    Those are some cute dresses for sure!
    I also suggest They have tons of dresses up to a size 14/16 and a curve line up to a size 24 or 26 (not sure which one). They also have an amazing clearance sell going on with some really cute cocktail and day dresses. You can even get free shipping this month to the US(including return shipping too if you need to send it back). Hope this helps.

  • Becca Christensen

    Macy's also has a great plus size dress selection! : ]

  • Heather E

    I just purchased the Karen Denim dress recently during a nice sale. I've received a ton of compliments. Anything I have ever purchased from IGIGI has been beautiful and of high quality. Check out their fit guides, follow them, and you can't go wrong.

  • Missouri Girl

    CeCe!!! I just saw this post and I thought "Hey that's me!!"

    I got SO many great suggestions and ended up finding a FABULOUS dress at Nordstroms by Robbie Bee. I also looked long and hard at Kiyonna and fell in love with a few dresses there, but was leery to order as the wedding is next week.

    I will post picture after the event, as I have the dress at the cleaners no. Thank you for the suggestions, I know I can always come here for GREAT PSP fashion advise!!

  • Anonymous

    I also have a couple of weddings coming up. For my friend's wedding this month, I am wearing the Alexandra gathered dress from Kiyonna in purple. For my nephew's wedding next month I am wearing the Marilyn long convertible dress by Monif C. in olive green.

    Last month I also puchased the Karen denim dress from Igigi and it is even cuter in person than it is on the website :)

  • cheeky curves

    Have you though of having it made. Fortunately I can make my own, and I get such a sense of pleasure hunting down that special fabric once I have made the item I start searching out accessories, its not always cheaper but it fits better and it makes me feel like a million dollar

  • Kemi

    Those dresses look great! I have a wedding coming up soon and i always have issues hunting down dresses and shoes (i wear size 11) it is such joy shoe shopping… lol!


    i’m finding shoes for my baby.