Curvy Conversations: Friends With Benefits? (Update)


Here’s an update from Diane, who’s email to me sparked the Curvy Convo: “Friends With Benefits?”:

Hey CeCe,

I wanted to update you on my friends with benefits situation that I wrote to you about. I thought a lot about what you said and realized that I was closing myself off to other options because I already had this “placeholder” guy feeding both my physical and emotional needs.

However, the idea of stopping was unappealing and the more I thought about it the more I realized how we WERE in a relationship, just not a committed or public one. I wasn’t opening myself up to the possibility of other options because I didn’t want them. I wanted him. And you were right, when I talked to him about becoming a legitimate couple, he was more than happy to jump on board.

After nearly ten years of friendship, 3 months of friends with benefits, we are now embarking on day six of a relationship. I’m excited to see how things go!

Regardless of what anyone thinks of Friends with Benefits, I’m glad we started out that way. When we first started things, I wasn’t in a good place for a relationship with anyone…But I’m glad this particular case grew into something.

Thank you for your advice…It was really the catalyst I needed!

- Diane

Curvy Conversations Friends with Benefits

Hello Diane,

Thank you for staying in touch with me… you just made my week! I’m proud of you for seeing what you wanted and going after it (I need to take notes from you on that!)

As PSP’s I think we know and understand each others struggles better than anyone else. I’m always grateful when people like you take time to give me advice via comments, tweets etc. and its always humbling to see an email from a Plus Size Princess asking me for my thoughts on things.

I look forward to more Curvy Conversations!


  • doll

    as long as you are happy babes, we are happy for you

  • Something She Dated

    Whether it works out or not I'm happy this chica went for it…good on ya :) (keep us posted lol!)

  • Rhoyale

    I am so thrilled that you two friends have evolved your relationship into one that most girls dream about. Friends to lovers… how great is that?! But I've got to warn other PSPs and even skinny women about the trap of the "Friends with benefits" relationship. I think for most women it can be a devastator, emotional roller-coaster, and surely a road to nowhere. I'm happy for you but I definitely think your situation is the exception and not the rule.


  • Punky

    Well what do you know Cece is qualified to give some good advice =) I'm so glad this worked out and am impressed at how brave she was to step up and ask him about moving forward! So props to you Diane!

    And keep up the good advice Cece!