I Hate My Arms! (Update)


Okay, I definitely still hate my arms but ever since I wrote about it last week, your comments have been sooo helpful!

ChristenPhillips said…

hi, first time reading your blog, but I had to comment. YES… I totally struggle with my arms! But honestly, when you see other people out walking around do you find yourself being really critical or their arm fat? … in most cases, no. you never really notice and even if you do notice, you forget about it in the ext few seconds and move on. So, with that in mind… go wear your cute dresses and be happy! :)

Melissa W said…
UMM YESS! You hit the nail on the head. Some weeks I’m good, some weeks I hate them. But I do have to remember that it’s always worse than I think it is, and no one is really looking at your arms. This year I, too, will be going without shrugs, cardigans, and bolero jackets. It’s just too hot! WE CAN DO IT!

Jessica Downey said…

My friend at work and I were just talking about this today! I have such a hard time exposing my arms as well. But you know what I realized? Sometimes when I wear a jacket or sweater or some other cover up in the summer it makes me wonder if I look just as bad as I (think I) look with my bare arms exposed. And sometimes I wonder if I draw more attention to myself because I am the girl in the cute dress wearing a sweater in 90 degree heat. :) I love your attitude and I say rock it!

There were so many more encouraging comments that I’ve been pushing myself to the limit when it comes to arm exposure. I wore a racer back dress to the opening night of Full Figured Fashion Week and a Strapless dress to the finale! I didn’t even pack a shrug “just in case” like a usually do.

On the weekends I’ve been rocking jeans and tank tops and I even wore a spaghetti strap top when I was out at a bar last weekend. I’ve even been going to work with bare arms and throwing a cardigan on when I get to the office because 1.) its freezing in my office and 2.) I don’t think bare arms in the office are appropriate, (even if you’ve got guns like Michelle Obama!).

I also noticed something; a lot of my tops that do have sleeves still show 95% of my arms! Somehow I convince myself that because they technically have sleeves they offer more coverage. Not True!

This summer is going to be so much cooler….

Has anyone else been exposing your arms more?

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11800292100885558497 Johana Hill

    That's a coincidence because this morning I was going through some old pics of mine and I was moaning about my arms! ;p

    What wouldn't I give to have my old skinny arms back again?! But after a while, I 'sobered up' and told myself, "Give yourself another 10 years and you'd wish you had your now-arms then!" LMAO

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/03390174411255786861 {Absolutely, Positively} Josie

    i always see girls in sleeveless tops and think, i could never do that. but i'm wondering now if i could. i had a friend in high school with huge arms and a lot of stretch marks. she was forever wearing sleeveless tops. i kind of admired her for it!?
    i'm working on my arms now, physically. working on not hating them, too. this post is a big help. thanks!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/12384503085670445419 Blossom

    I hate mine, I think they're huge. But since I've been going to the gym I now have definition and it surprises me sometimes. I've also decided screw it, I'm wearing cute tanks this summer. Haven't quite gotten around to the same feelings with my thighs though….

  • Megan

    So true! This is something I found myself struggling with yesterday. I so badly wanted to not care and wear a sleevless top but didn’t..I wore a t-shirt and like you said most of my t-shirts show 95% of my arms and I have no problem wearing those..I also have no problem showing my arms when wearing a bathing suit..go figure. I found this post super encouraging :)

  • http://twitter.com/lostplum lost plum

    Arm fat disease! It’s a real thing, I’m convinced…I hate my arms, and hate them even more that they are always sore cause i try to work them so hard, therefore it has to be the arm fat disease!