My First Blind Date (Part One)


A few months ago Denise, my sister/one of my best friends, called me. “I was catching up on your blog today. Who is this ‘Mike Lowery’ character that keeps commenting on your posts?” she asked.

“I have NO idea!” I replied laughing, “he always comments and I cant tell if he hates me or if he’s just trying to give me a dose of reality.” We went back and forth about him for a while and then the conversation switched to other things. I didn’t think much more about Mike Lowrey until last week when I gave him a shout out at the end of my series on When A Man Gives You His Business Card. When I told Mike Lowrey to email me in that post, it wasn’t for anything in particular. I simply found it fascinating that a straight man would comment regularly and with such gusto on a blog about a Plus Size Princess.

A few days later I got an email in my inbox:

I thought my comments on your blog just annoyed everyone, lol. I’m glad to hear that my comments didn’t fall upon deaf ears so to speak. I think you’re an interesting young lady and I enjoy your writing style. Me…fascinating?? Thanks for the compliment. (Awww shucks Miss, after a compliment like that…I’m here at work with a Kool-Aid smile.)

Were you born in NY?

If I thought Mike Lowrey was “fascinating” before, his email intrigued me even more. (Quick Dating Tip: When talking to someone for the first time, especially via email, I always feel like ending with a question is a good way to move a conversation along and show interest in the other person). Mr. Lowrey was using one of my old tricks! I responded immediately:

Your comments don’t annoy me and they definitely do not fall on deaf ears. I’m originally from California… I moved to NYC for school.

Where are you from? Where do you live?

He responded pretty quickly and throughout the day, we continued to email back and forth. It was casual conversation, I learned that he grew up in New York City but moved out of state for work two years ago. Our conversations weren’t deep, but they were probing. We were both asking questions about the other person and I could feel an energy coming from our writing that said there was more beneath the surface.

That evening I had to attend an event. Although it was an open bar, I wasn’t really having a good time. I found myself in a corner emailing Mike from my iPhone. My email began like this:

I’m at a cocktail hour and while the drinks are good, the conversation is stale. I shouldn’t be emailing you, but… I am!

He responded:

I’m glad you did email me.
I must admit that I’ve been checking my phone every 20 minutes hoping to see an email from you. I’ll be in NYC Thursday night. Would it be too forward if I asked to meet you for happy hour next Friday? I would love to put a face to the person if you’re free. I promise to be on my very best behavior.

Reading his email gave me butterflies (I’m such a girl!). In 2010, the idea of a traditional blind date was exciting and terrifying. I emailed him back:

I can do a Friday night happy hour… Where should I meet you?

  • Emily Sandford

    SQUEE! … waiting (im)patiently for part 2 …

  • Anonymous


  • Tega

    Awww….I hope he's as interesting in person…waiting earnestly on the continuation

    He sounded quite alright and I totally love that leaving a question to carry forward conversation…it works for me too

  • Megyn

    I am so excited by this! I've been semi-regularly reading your posts (since ya know, you're doing what I'd love to do and kicking ass at it) so I cannot wait to see how this date of yours goes down. Fingers crossed and yay for the butterflies!

  • Lisa in NJ

    Wow can't wait for the second half of this…Please don't keep us waiting!!!

  • Anonymous

    Am I missing something? The guy that has been leaving jacked up comments under the guise of 'keeping it real' now wants to date a PSP. And we're happy for you? No, I'm sorry but be careful, the dude is probably going to be a douche.

  • dating diva

    I love blind dates! Ok, I've only been on two, but they both turned out well. Can't wait to read the next post!


  • Kemi


  • Something She Dated

    Woohoo How Exciting!!! I've never been on a real blind date before…can't wait to hear how it turned out :)

  • rubyredslippers

    Going to have to agree with the anonymous poster who is pretty sure this guy is going to be a douche. Has anyone else read his blog? He's pretty (inexplicably) high and mighty and uses plenty of derogatory terms – especially when talking about women. In fact, within just 3 minutes of looking at his blog, I could see he goes out of his way to find women to say negative things about. This particularly applies to heavier women. Further review supports this. I'm hoping I'm wrong. Faithful reading of your blog has led me to hoping for the best for you.

  • steph gas

    good luck. after checking out his blog, i don't have high hopes for your blind date. hopefully his blog is ironic or something. or like an alternate persona. or he's a polite, well-meaning schizophrenic.

    anyway, good luck. let us know what happens.

  • Anonymous

    I just looked at his blog. It is full of misogynistic,anti-fat, and homophobic content. He seems to be Howard Stern wannabe, or maybe he really is a 14kt moron and a platinum level douchebag. Either way, I wouldn't go out with him.

  • Q

    I wonder how he feels about reading about HIMSELF as a potential date on your blog now?

  • Mike Lowrey

    Lol, I really don't mind being called a douche. If that's how you feel then you have every right to your opinion. Kind of like I have every right to make fun of folks and speak my mind on my blog.

    I'm really enjoying being me so I can honestly say I don't want to be Howard Stern.

    I don't target anyone in particular on my blog. Certain folks may think I hate on big girls. No I hate on folks making an ass of themselves. No matter who they are.

    If you are self conscious about yourself then every time I make fun of someone big or Black or White you will feel offended. But you should check yourself not me.

    If you find my blog humorous then please visit often, if not please don't visit. I'm sure I'll survive. lol.

    I'm fine with reading the post about our date on CeCe's blog, and I still won't have a problem giving her my 2 cents on any issue. She's a sweet and attractive person with lots of options in love and life.
    I'm sure her blog will continue reflecting that even though I'm reading.

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