Faith 21 Contest & Promo Code!


Ever since I’ve been on Twitter ( I’ve noticed something…

I have some of the cutest readers!

I see the profile photos of some of my followers like @minordetail, @vercar and so many others who give PSP’s and Curvy Girls a good name and it makes me happy to know that there are so many of us out there who aren’t afraid to express ourselves through fashion.

It looks like Faith21 (The plus size line from Forever 21) is taking notice of that too, because they’re doing a search for The Most Stylish Gal!

To enter, just submit a photo of yourself in your most stylish ensemble that includes a Faith 21 item and you could be on your way to Los Angeles to show them how PSP’s do it! (Hurry! you only have till 11/18/09)

1st place:
-Model in a photo shoot with Faith 21
-Airfare and hotel accommodations for two to Los Angeles
-$500 Shopping Spree at a Faith 21 location

2nd Place:
-$400 Faith 21 E-Certificate

3rd Place:
-$250 Faith 21 E-Certificate

Enter to win here
(Use the Code FAITH21CONTEST to save 10% on any order)


A Plus Size… Prince? (Part 2)


Andrew and I had plans to grab drinks last night and I as much as I tried, I could not get excited.

Part of me felt like I was going out with Andrew in order to prove something to myself. I felt like I was forcing myself to go out with someone that I wasn’t attracted to. Andrew wasn’t ugly or anything, but I couldn’t get past his size and I felt horrible about it. I mean, how many guys have missed out on amazing girls (example: me) because they wouldn’t consider dating someone who was overweight.

As a PSP, does the fact that I don’t like big men make me a hypocrite?

I sat at the bar sipping a glass of Shiraz when Andrew walked in. Maybe it wasn’t the fact that he was overweight that bothered me. Perhaps it was how he carried his weight that was the problem. He had an apologetic way about him; with shoulders slumped down, a gut that pushed through his shirt and the way he walked or rather schlepped across the wine bar to meet me was a huge turn off.

“Hey,” he said casually as he pulled up a bar stool beside me.

No hug, no kiss on the cheek.

I took a deep breath and struck up a conversation, asking him about work, his drive into the city (he lived upstate), and anything else I could think of. Eventually the conversation turned to the other girls from DIVAS who he’d been out with.

“They’ve been cool,” he said, “but none of them were as hot as you.”

From the way he looked at the ground when he complimented me, I knew he meant it. It was sweet. I tried to get past appearances and look inside to see who Andrew really was and if he was someone that I wanted to get to know.

I still had work in the morning, so we headed to his car so that he could drive me home. When he pulled his car in front of my building we sat there for a while saying the obligatory “I had a nice time”, “we should do it again” etc., then there was a lull in the conversation.

“Can I kiss you now?” he said, looking straight ahead.

I was so on the fence with him, that I was willing to try anything to feel butterflies.

“Sure,” I replied.

He unbuckled his seat belt, and leaned across the car to kiss me. It was a nice kiss, but the only thing I felt was an increased determination not to be a hypocrite. How could I ask men to look past the physical, if I wasn’t willing to do the same? Perhaps this was just a self serving experiment, but when he said:

“Can I call you tomorrow?”

I said:



Guest Blogging on


This has been a whirlwind month for TBGB. Two of my posts have been featured on other writing projects/blogs and now… I’m guest blogging on LuvinMyCurves!

When Ms. LMC asked me to be a guest blogger on LuvinMyCurves, it was like Gwen Stefani was asking me to sing on her album.

Ms. LMC has an amazing blog for any PSP who is (or wants to be) fashionable. She’s the first blogger that reached out to me when I started this project and she doesn’t know it, but… I consider her my Blog Mentor. She’s been there for me in countless ways personal and blog related and I’m inspired whenever I’m around her.

So hop over to her site to read my piece “Does He Have a Fat Fettish?”

Add her to your favorites and follow her on twitter: @luvinmycurves


A Plus Size… Prince?


Remember Paige and Reese?

Well, Reese called out of the blue the other night and asked if I wanted to go to DIVAS. I hadn’t been to DIVAS in forever, mainly because the party had become kind of a joke. When I first started going there, it was a packed event with new guys to meet every time, but lately it was the same few women and a handful of men who were either old, gay or just weird. For me, this made paying the $20 cover a little silly (especially in this economy).

“C’mon, I’ll pay for you” Reese begged after I explained to her why I didn’t wasn’t interested.

“You don’t have to do that,”

“Look, I don’t ever have a babysitter on a Saturday night, but tonight I do and I want to go out! You’d be doing me a favor by going with me”

I let out a deep sigh.

“Great, I’ll pick you up at ten!” she said, hanging up the phone.

A few hours later, we walked into DIVAS and I immediately gave Reese a look. It was so dead in there that I think I actually heard crickets chirping. It was nice to catch up with Reese, but as far as I was concerned, we could have talked over drinks for free at hundreds of other bars in the city. I did my best not to pout though, because as a single mom, Reese didn’t get out much. Even though this night seemed to be a bust, we could make the best of it.

I ordered a round of martinis for the two of us and when I pulled out my wallet to pay for them, the bartender told me that it had been taken care of my a man at the end of the bar.

I looked over and the man waved casually, he looked slightly familiar. I smiled and waved him over.

“Hi, I’m Andrew.”

“I’m Celeste and this is my friend Reese, thanks for the drinks.”

“No problem, cheers,” he said flatly, raising his glass.

There was an awkward silence.

Reese slid off of her bar stool, “I’ll be back… I’m going to go say ‘hi’ to some people.”

Andrew leaned on the bar in front of me, “do you remember me?” he asked.

“I don’t know, I feel like I know you, but I can’t place you….”

“We met here, damn, probably a year ago?”


“Yes, really” he said, mockingly “its cool that you don’t remember me though…” he sniffled and wiped away a fake tear.

I laughed.

I spent the rest of the night calculating my interest in Andrew. He was very sweet, but sometimes said things that were a bit sarcastic, making me feel silly. When he followed me to the dance floor I quickly realized that he couldn’t dance. Also, he wasn’t really my type; he was tall, which I liked, but he was kinda pudgy. I’d never dated a PSPrince before, but I figured I’d give him a chance.

When he asked for my number, I gave it to him and when he called Sunday night to see if I wanted to meet up this week, I said yes.

I think I’m seeing him tomorrow night, I’ll keep you posted!


I’ve Been Featured! “105 in 365″


So… I still cant believe people are actually reading my blog and now that people are asking to feature my entries I’m trying not to freak out (in a good way).

Today I was featured on a blog called “105 in 365″ this blog is about a girl with a goal of dropping 105 over the course of a year. I’m totally cheering her on as she does it. She featured me here and I’m honored to grace her pages.



It Was Over Before it Began….


Saturday morning at 10:22, my phone chimed with a text message…

Hi! Its me Alan I don’t know if you remember me

I don’t… How do I know you?

We met a few weeks back outside of H&M;

Oh, yes… I remember

So what’s up? Don’t tell me the sky

Nothing, I’m at the hair salon, you?

R we going to meet?

You tell me

Where do you live?

Why did it matter where I lived? I had not invited him over and we didn’t have plans for him to pick me up or anything. It seemed as if he was one of those guys who thought they could just meet me, come over and hook up. I didn’t want to assume anything though, so I wrote:

If you’d like to grab a drink or coffee, we can do that.

…I never heard from him again.