A Night at The Big Girl Club


BBW parties arent something that you can find everywhere, so I thought I’d offer a glimpse into a night on The Scene. The different BBW parties, which I call “Divas”, “Rewind” and “Satellite” respectively all have a different crowds. On this particular night, I was at Rewind.

Its always nice to see PSP’s dressing to show off their curves, on any given night, you will see form fitting dresses, mini skirts and low cut tops.

The DJ is always good at “Rewind” (“Divas” is a different story, since their DJ is an older man who seems a bit out of touch). But at “Rewind” you will always find a place to groove either in the Hip-Hop or Reggae room.

The clubs on the scene are very accepting… there’s not a lot of pretentiousness like you’d find at other NYC clubs. Everyone is welcome…

…and I mean EVERYONE!

People come to have a good time and dance, but who knows, you may just find love in the club!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/01096970327031282990 A girl running

    I am an Australian (currently living in spain) and there is nothing like that back home…and certainly nothing like that in Spain where most of the women are skinny

  • Anonymous

    where is club rewind? i would like to go tonight?

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/13830388319833862443 Charon

    Please tell me where these clubs are!!!!

  • Patrick

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