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Almond Butter Stuffed Dates | Recipe | #PSPfit

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Sooo… I’m a carb addict (anyone else with PCOS have this issue?) When Abra schooled me that carb addiction is another form of sugar addiction, because bread/carbs turn to sugar once you eat them, I was floored. I had always thought my candy craving friends had a different struggle than I did, but it turns…


Dear Closet Chubby Chasers… Go Away!

Chubby Chasers Go Away

This weekend I logged onto my facebook page and I was like… Some dude had liked my page, left a whole bunch of comments and then started sending me private flirtatious messages asking me to call him. He even left his phone number! One of the awkward parts about being a plus size blogger, is that the…


My Shift from “Get Skinny” to “Get Healthy” | #PSPfit Cycle 3

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I’m always looking for new ways to measure healthy curves success… Do you have specific things you do to celebrate healthy curves outside of the scale or what size you wear? One of my favorite things about the #PSPfit Bootcamp community is watching the bootcamp babes define success for themselves. Whether its quitting smoking, cooking…


My Weight Makes me Uncomfortable on Dates | Curvy Conversations | Plus Size Dating

Weight Uncomfy Dates CeCe Olisa Plus Size Dating

Hey Cece!   I am one of your biggest fans, I’m from Nairobi Kenya not sure if that rings a bell but anyhoo, I LOOOOVEEE you, your work i.e. your writing, and your #PSPfit….basically everything about you! My question was kinda personal which is why I decided to email you directly. I’ve always felt self conscious…

read more .. Website Changes…. CeCe Olisa Logo Small

I just wanted to let you girls know that there will be some changes coming to this site. has become and over the next few weeks I’ll be rolling out a new website that can accommodate all of the things we do together: #PSPfit bootcampers will have a private login that will give…


#PSPfit Pre-Summer Clean Eating & Fitness Bootcamp | Registration Begins April 10th | Join From Any City

#PSPfit How it Works

On April 10th, #PSPfit pre-summer clean eating & fitness Boot Camp will open for registration. I’m so excited that I can give away 5 bootcamp memberships over the next 10 days. Giveaway details are Below and remember, you can join #PSPfit from any city. What is #PSPfit bootcamp? Last year I made the decision to…