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I Can’t Accept Street Harassment as a Way of Life

On the last day of school in the 6th grade, I was walking home when a car screeched to a halt in front of me. The driver rolled down his window and yelled, “Damn, girl! You’ve got some big titties!”As he sped off, I stood there stunned. My face burned with embarrassment and I felt…


Plus Size Fitness: 3 Minute Squat Challenge! #PSPfit

3 min squat challenge yt

Once I realized that I could do squats without putting stress on my knees, I’ve been incorporating different stances into my workouts. I’m also learning that doing squats safely can offer many benefits to my Plus Size Fitness journey. Two main reasons I do squats are: 1.) Injury prevention: The last thing we want is to hurt ourselves…


You’re Skinny, So… Please Stop Calling Yourself A “Fat Girl” In Front Of Me

“I was such a fat girl yesterday,” my college roommate said.I had just returned from a weekend trip and from what I could tell, her dancer’s body had not changed in the 48 hours that I was gone. Understandably, I had no idea what she was talking about…and then she started listing all of the…


Plus Size Fashion: T-Shirts & Vintage Style Skirts

Tshirts Vintage Skirts

  Last week my relaxed vibe had me in “Plus Size Casual Stripes & Solids“. These week I’m rocking Plus Size Vintage Skirts and T-Shirts. I love plus size vintage style skirts for a few reasons. They’re usually in a fun/different print that makes them a great statement piece. Also they’re long enough for me to…


Plus Size Dating Standards | Body Image | Shopping with Friends #CurvyConvo, Live (Episode 2)

ask for what you deserve

Do you ever think about how upgrades are relative to what we had before? One girl may go from a flip phone to an iPhone 3 and be so hyped she wouldn’t even realize she was missing out on an iPhone 5. Another girl may order an iPhone 5, but get intimidated by all the new…


Relaxed & Cool | Plus Size Casual Linen Pants

Plus Size Linen Pants

The other day on my YouTube channel, I said that I never wear pants because I carry weight in my tummy. The minute I said those words, I realized that I was limiting myself. Do I prefer dresses? Sure! But not wearing pants because I’ve got a full tummy is the same as not showing…